@aprengelchip | Air Meditation

@aprengelchip | Air Meditation

Sage's passion for tricking

grew simply from the meditation he got while tricking.


Hello my name is Sage Prengel and I have been tricking for 3 years. I also have a few hobbies that I love to do in my off time other than tricking. My friends and I all get together and work on our cars in the shop, I have a 1977 Datsun 280z that I'm currently building while my friends have a 240sx, a cressida, and an AE86. I am also an avid gamer on the xbox one where you can find me from time to time on those late nights nerding out. I also fly helicopters as a hobby at the moment but hoping to accomplish my dreams as a commercial pilot. You can find me on xbox, twitter, and instagram @aprengelchip

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Q&A with @aprengelchip

How did you get into vaping? Did you smoke before vaping, and if so how long were you a smoker? If not, what was the reason for vaping?
Sage: I was introduced to vaping when i was 18. I coincidently walked into a store that was closed and was in the process of becoming a vape shop. Sure enough i walked in there a week later, bought my first vape, and haven't smoked since. Before I vaped I smoked about a pack and a half a day and was smoking for about 3 years.

How long have you been tricking and what got you passionate about tricking?
Sage: I've been tricking ever since I started vaping. My passion for it grew simply from the meditation I got while I was tricking. I felt accomplished when I would do some new crazy trick and would try to better myself by trying new things and learning how the air moved.

You have taught a lot of trickers in Washington, what is your favorite part about teaching people how to trick?
Sage: My favorite part is when I see someone that was struggling before become a tricking sensei master. Soon I found myself becoming the student rather than the teacher, It just goes to show that there is always something to learn no matter the person.

Who are your favorite trickers out there at the moment?
Sage: Currently my favorite trickers are Bmitch and G_Vapes for their style and creative and Nate_Vapor for simplicity and photography.

What is your favorite place to trick, and why is it your favorite?
Sage: This question is simple. Anywhere with stagnant air with good lighting and dark backgrounds. But if you're asking for a specific place I would tell you outside if the air is just right. nothing is cooler than seeing tricks being thrown out everywhere in an unlimited spaced environment. Also it makes the photo because you have a unique background rather than some black cloth draped behind you.

If you are not working at the vape shop or tricking what could we normally find you doing in your spare time?
Sage: In my spare time I'm either in the shop working on cars or hanging out with friends on random adventures. If not either of those then I'm usually eating food and playing video games.

You are currently in school, what are you getting your degree in, and what are you hoping to do after you graduate?
Sage: Im currently going to Glacier aviation at the Olympia airport. Im working towards my private pilot license at the moment but hoping to get my commercial license so I can be a pilot for hire.

What is your favorite piece of vape equipment and juice and why?
Sage: I really like my Cartel Revenant mod with a TFV8 tank at the moment. It gives me a consistent hit with good flavor, plus i do a lot of driving so a tank is more practical. My favorite juice is Razzleberry Yum by Miomi because its a really sweet blue raspberry and i just cant seem to get away from it.

What is the hardest part about being a tricker?
Sage: The hardest part is trying to learn new tricks and styles and trying to keep up with everyone else. If you trick competitively and can't adapt to new tricks and styles then you will lose by the second or third round.

What is your favorite trick?
Sage: My favorite trick is the Jellyfish. It feels great when you get a really big O and then put vapor in it, i guess its just really satisfying so see the vapor roll around the O and seeing the tentacle like trails of vapor follow behind it.


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