9 Reasons to Stop Smoking and Start Vaping Today | ZampleBox

9 Reasons to Stop Smoking and Start Vaping Today | ZampleBox


Giving up smoking cigarettes is no easy task. It takes strength, determination, and an ability to stick to your guns even when others around you are making it more difficult by blowing secondhand smoke in your face. 

Therefore, it can be a good idea to have a solid list of good reasons to stop smoking that you can always turn to in times of temptation. 

From the health reasons to stop smoking to the long term benefits for your bank balance, to the lifestyle advantages of smoking cessation, keep reading to discover the top nine reasons to quit smoking tobacco, plus the answer to the question – should I start vaping instead? 

Health & Fitness 

Most people are aware that smoking puts you at an increased risk of specific health care issues, including lung cancer and a heart attack, but what happens to your health when you decide to give up tobacco smoke? 

You might be able to breathe more easily 

Do you sometimes struggle to run up the stairs or jog to the bottom of your backyard? People who smoke often experience shortness of breath when carrying out even the most basic of tasks. However, within three months of giving up smoking, your lung function could improve by around 10%. 

You may feel more energetic 

Do you often feel lethargic and unmotivated? You may think that by increasing the nicotine levels in your system, you will suddenly be full of energy, but tobacco smoke has the opposite effect. 

However, when you give up smoking, your blood circulation could improve, resulting in an increased vitality for life.

You may feel less stressed

You may think that a quick cigarette will make you feel better in times of stress, but when looking for reasons to quit smoking, you should be aware that studies have shown that people who give up smoking report lower stress levels. 

If you are worried about nicotine withdrawal and its impact on your stress levels, you should be aware that you can buy vape juice that contains a specific amount of nicotine. This way, you can gradually reduce your dosage and dependency on this highly addictive substance.  


Your sense of smell could improve  

Tobacco smoke can dull both your sense of smell and your ability to taste. However, this is reversible. Once you have stopped smoking, you can expect to be able to enjoy all your senses again. 

It is worth knowing that the effects of vaping do not dull either smell or taste so when you buy vape juice, you can fully enjoy the wide range of flavors on offer, including mango, choco mint, cheesecake and many more. 

You could look better

It might sound like a vain reason, but it’s a vital one nonetheless. If you are not sure about when to quit smoking and keep putting it off for another day, you may be interested to know about the adverse effects that tobacco has on your appearance.

When you smoke tobacco, the blood vessels on the top layer of your skin constrict, reducing your collagen levels and leading to aging skin. 

Once you give up, you could enjoy a fresher, more plumped up complexion, plus, less chance of yellow teeth and nails, and a lower chance of acne.

You could be more likely to conceive

If you want to conceive either right now or in the future, you should know that giving up smoking could improve your fertility. This is the case for both men and women. 

The risk of vaping is minimal compared to the dangers of tobacco smoke for parents-to-be, plus, think of all the money you will save by switching from cigarettes to vape juice. 


Your family will no longer be at risk from secondhand smoke

Even if you think you are careful when it comes to smoking around your family, there will be times when you smoke around them, even if this is not in a confined space. Not to mention the fact that both your breath and your clothes will smell like stale smoke. 

Your home may smell fresher

If you do ever smoke inside your home, you will be familiar with the unappetizing and lingering smell of stale tobacco. However, by switching to vaping, your home will experience only a temporary smell, and this smell will be sweet rather than stale. 

Your home will be less at risk of fire

Did you know that smoking is the leading cause of fire deaths in the home? Fortunately, by simply switching from smoking to vaping, you can eliminate your risk of a fire caused by smoking in the house, keeping yourself and your family safe. 

Why should I start vaping?

You may be thinking, why should I start vaping rather than simply give up smoking altogether, and this is a valid question. 

The answer is simple. Giving up tobacco smoke is hard. t takes a person an average of 30 attempts at giving up smoking before they finally succeed. 

Why? The main reason is that nicotine withdrawal is incredibly tough, and many people struggle to go through this process cold turkey.

Fortunately, vaping nicotine is an option. You can choose between several different nicotine levels when you visit a vape shop to pick your vape juice, allowing you to wean yourself off this highly addictive substance gradually. 

When will I start to feel better after quitting smoking?

Another reason why people struggle to stick to a no-smoking routine is that they do not immediately notice the benefits of giving up tobacco smoke. This is because it can often take several weeks before you start to feel the effects of smoking cessation, and people often give up long before this time. 

Choosing to start vaping when you give up smoking will make your journey easier, allowing you to gradually reduce your nicotine levels, still enjoy the social aspect of smoking, and keep your hands busy when they need it most. 

Plus, it’s got to be more enjoyable than getting jaw ache by overdosing on nicotine gum!

Please note that the ZampleBox team are not medical professionals. The potential health benefits from giving up smoking may differ from person to person. We would recommend getting in touch with a qualified medical practitioner when you decide to quit smoking.




Jun 22nd 2022


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