8 Odd Flavors You Might Love

8 Odd Flavors You Might Love

Forget Vanilla, forget your typical banana bread flavors...here's some 8 odd vape flavors that you might love...

There is tons of different flavors out there in the vaping industry. Everything from the classic menthol flavors to bacon. If you have the spirit of curiosity and maybe want to try something different, here are 10 flavors that we have here at ZampleBox that you might surprise yourself...

1. Floral Flavors

When you think floral, you might think lavender or even rose, and while it's not the most popular flavor out there, floral is typically combined with other tea flavors that create a relaxing and delicious vape.

2. Spicy Flavors

Spicy isn't always painfully hot, spicy can mean just a little ""kick"" in the flavor!

3. Salty Flavors

Salt flavors typically add some savory tastes to very sweet flavors. If you enjoy salted pretzels dipped in chocolate and treats like that, you'll love these flavors

4. Oak Flavors

Oak flavors add a rich and dark flavor to many e-juices, typically with alcohol flavored juice. Surprisingly, very good.

5. Cucumber Flavors

Think of a fresh, delicious, juicy cucumber -- yeah. It's an odd flavors, but combined with other flavors it can really bring out some juicy and refreshing taste.

6. Bubble Tea Flavors

Bubble tea flavors recently has seen a rise spike in popularity, and for good reason. Not only is it great, it's a different flavor compared to your typical e-juices.

7. Plum Flavors

One of the most underrated fruit flavors out there, if you love plums, seriously, you'll love this.

8. Breakfast Flavors

Typically, when someone says breakfast, we think the full deal of bacon, eggs, toast, ect. However, many breakfasts are different! You might be surprised what kind of breakfast flavors you'll enjoy...

What odd flavor are you thinking of trying?

We have a TON of unique flavors you might want to try, you can see all the different flavors of e-juice we have right HERE "
Jun 22nd 2022


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