7 Halloween Costumes for Vapers

7 Halloween Costumes for Vapers

Halloween is coming...are you ready?

Halloween, the best night ever to gorge yourself on candy (and candy flavored vapes) and have no to come up with excuses of why you ate an entire bag of mini snickers. If you're like many of us, this halloween, we're going to be dressing to impress. As a vaper, you might think to yourself..""how can I use my awesome vape make this costume really come together?"". Well my friend, I took it upon myself and found some great costume ideas for the resident vape user (that'd be you).

1. An Actual Vape Mod.

Honestly, there is so many different box mods out there you don't have to worry about showing up to a party and someone has the same costume. Too funny right?


Image by Vaping Studio


3. Thomas the Vape Train

Toooo funny! I mean honestly, you don't have to be Thomas the train, you could be any train!

4. A Tea Kettle

Image from Pinterest

Ok, so a tea kettle steams right? I mean how adorable would it be if you're misses pots from Beauty the beast and your kiddos are Belle and Beast? So cute.

5. Literally, Steam Punk anything..

Image from Pinterest

Vaping and Steam Punk were literally meant for each other...

6. Leonardo Di Caprio

Image from MTV
Yuuuup, he vapes folks.

7. Bowser from Mario

Image from Pinterest

Bowser does steam a lot...especially when Mario rescues Peach from him.

What are YOU going to be for halloween? Any more ideas?

Jun 22nd 2022


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