7 Awesome Things About the ZB Retail Store

7 Awesome Things About the ZB Retail Store


1.The selection

There are a lot of e liquid stores out there with good selections, but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! The ZampleBox e-liquid store has the largest selection out there with over 5,000 different juices.

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2. The price

We want our store to be the most affordable out there, so on top of our already great prices, ZampleBox members get another 10% off! Why? Well, because we love you. That’s why.

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3. Free shipping

Nothing sours a great deal like getting to check out and seeing that shipping doubles the price of your purchase. Well, we want to put an end to that, so we made it so that ZampleBox members get free shipping on all domestic purchases from the retail store. For international, it's a flat $5 rate! We’re not fans of seeing all those extra charges at checkout when we buy things, so we figured we’d do what we can to put an end to that for you too.

4. The convenience

A lot of people make fun of convenience store juice. Well, we’re not a convenience store, but we ARE a convenient store (ba-dum kshhh). Based on your flavor profile, community reviews, and popularity, we can give you recommendations on the best juice there is for your taste so that getting the perfect liquids that you’ll enjoy is easy and fun. We love browsing liquids all day to find the gems, but we don’t want you to have to do that when you’re in a hurry.

5. The ease

We make setting up your account, getting your age verified, and checking out super simple and easy. Once you’ve got it all set-up, you can just add the products you want to your cart and checkout. Getting the juice you want has never been faster and easier.

6. We’re Law Abiding Citizens

We care about making sure that you can continue to get your vapor products in a changing regulatory landscape. We’ve developed state of the art age verification systems to make sure that buying e-liquid online is easy and simple for all you vaping adults, while ensuring that we aren’t sending vapor products to any precocious young’uns out there. Listen to your Ma’, Jimmy. Vaping is for adults.

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7. Z by ZampleBox

Our new e-liquid line, currently available on our retail store, was designed by a local e-liquid master mixologist based on survey date from over 100,000 vapers and manufactured at the best eliquid lab in the world, and now you can buy it! What’s more, for a limited time, you can buy 2 bottles and get the third for free!


Jun 22nd 2022


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