528 Custom Vapes Monster V3 | ZampleBox Vape Reviews

528 Custom Vapes Monster V3 | ZampleBox Vape Reviews



The Rebuildable Tank Atomizer You'll Want

Technology is changing faster than we can keep up with it seems these days. Well, the same can be said about vapor tech, where the options are many.

In today's ZampleBox tech vape reviews, Chris and Max take a look at the Monster V3 made by 528 Custom Vapes. This is some pretty heavy, and cool, gear that you'll want to get your hands on, and here's why...

Getting the most out of your vape juice is pretty important if you're at this level of vaping. This RTA allows you to do just that, without sacrificing flavor!

It's worth taking a look at the beautiful design of this RTA in all its splendor, I promise you won't be disappointed! So what features makes this RTA worthy of your vape mods?


What You Get With This Sub Ohm Vaporizer

With the Monter V3, expect:

  • Custom 510 pin made of copper and allows for any hybrid connection to work
  • Two massive air holes in the base act to cool center pin in block
  • Allows for sub-ohm chain vaping without melting down the insulators
  • The center pin and block are one piece that is GOLD plated allowing less voltage drop and much more airflow due to airhole size
  • 75% Greater airflow than the V2

What's included when you buy one?

  • 1 V3 Monster base
  • 1 PC tank
  • 1 Custom logo chimney
  • 1 Custom top cap
  • 1 Custom no heat drip tip


Vapes Deals Are About Quality Too

While the price ($75) may not scream vape deals to you, consider that this atomizer/tank combination is one of the better ones we've seen! If tinkering with the latest vapor mods, RDAs, and tanks is a passion you live and breathe, then this atomizer is a must have addition to your collection! The tank is easy to fill with your favorite ejuice, and the kit comes with everything you need to get started on building a whicked atomizer!

Be sure to check back later for more vape reviews like this one, as we're always on the lookout for the newest and best editions of hardware & ejuice! For all the good things to come, cheers!



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Mar 11th 2024


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