10 Top Vape Flavors That Taste Like The Real Thing

10 Top Vape Flavors That Taste Like The Real Thing


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Vapers all over the world are blessed with a vast array of vaping flavors. With everything from authentic tobacco vapes to zany flavors like crab legs, they are spoiled for choice when it comes to enjoying different taste sensations. Yet there is one notable caveat: with so many different options on the market, it can be tricky to find the best and most realistic vape juice flavors. Via our vape shop alone, you can find hundreds of different products – and we only stock the best vape liquid brands. Fortunately, this starter guide is here to help. If you’re searching for vape juice flavors that taste like the real thing, look no further as we have curated a list of products that will exceed your expectations.

Audrey (Bombshell Vapor)

When it comes to realistic vape juice flavors, few manage to combine so many ingredient inspirations and remain as authentic as this particular e-juice. Bombshell Vapor’s Audrey is a treat sensation. First of all, you get to enjoy the taste of lemon bar – as if it had just been freshly brought out of the oven. As if that isn’t good enough, it is sprinkled with a rich vanilla powdered sugar! This flavor also is available as a high strength nicotine salt version, which ensures this Lemon Bar sticks around with a higher, longer absorption rate.

Wild Berry Ice (Gorilla Fruits)

While all of the vape juice flavors on this list have received our awards, Gorilla Fruits Wildberry Ice is in a class of its own. Winner of a ‘Best Fruit Vape’ of the 2020 Award, this sensational flavor has been celebrated by enthusiasts for some time now. The reason for this is simple: this candy-based vape juice delivers a delicious blast of raspberry flavor and the inclusion of mixed dark berries further enhances the fruit-flavored nature of this e-juice.

English Bulldog (Good Life Vapor)

Some vapers, on the other hand, don’t like any fruity or sweet flavors. They want a vaping experience with that real tobacco taste while still being nicotine free. Well, according to the voting results of the recent best e-juice flavors survey, and despite the competition from the reputed Black Note vaping juice brand, English Bulldog by Good Life Vapor is the best in class for tobacco e-juices. While this e-juice has the qualities of a fine pipe providing a rich tobacco flavor, it’s not a one-dimensional vape. It brings some attitude to the party with hints of sweet and nutty tones. An acquired taste, yes, but English Bulldog is ideal for those seeking an authentic mix with a hint of extravagance.

Sour Deez (BombBombz)

Get prepared to experience a flavor explosion with this scrumptious e-juice that’s a perfect mix of natural and artificial flavors. Sour Deez is a celebration of the beloved chewy candy flavor with a realistic taste of kiwi and strawberry serving as the base of this creation which is skillfully elevated with the inclusion of the perfect amount of sour. Add in a “Best Fruit Vape of 2020” awared, low throat hit and high vapor production, and Sour Deez is a juice flavor that lives up to its name – it will truly blow your socks off!

Churros and Ice Cream (Oneup Vapors)

This one is a true classic. With multiple awards under its name, Churros and Ice Cream has been a perennial favorite of the ZampleBox community since its introduction. This should come as no surprise since this juice includes the classic combination of churros and ice cream. Yet it’s the expert execution from Oneup Vapors that ensures this is one of the best day-to-day vape options on the market. The inhale delivers the realistic flavors of cream and cinnamon, while the exhale provides that great churro taste.

Blueberry Lemon (Juice Head)

Get ready to put your vape tanks on ice. Juice Head has made a Blueberry Lemon flavor that is sure to be a refreshing summer treat! It’s not uncommon for ZampleBox members to describe this e-liquid as the finest they have ever sampled. Bringing together the classic tastes of blueberries and lemons it ends up being one of the most realistic tasting vape juice flavors around.

Cinnaswirl (Cali Steam)

Another consistently popular vape juice is Cali Steam’s Cinnaswirl. With a name like that, it doesn’t take much work to figure out what flavor this e-juice tries to replicate. Yet the fact it manages to taste just like a sweet, gooey cinnamon bun – complete with creamy icing – is something of a miracle. Added bonus: you can enjoy that cinnamon bun taste without the calories!

OMG So Good (Vape Craft)

Rich vanilla custard cheesecake topped with brown sugar – does it get any better? Vape Craft has taken this classic combination, transformed it into an e-liquid, and created one of the most realistic vape juice flavors with its Cheesecake product. After winning our ‘Best Milk Vape’ award in 2020, OMG So Good has remained a firm favorite of the ZampleBox community.

Pink Lemonade (Risky E-Juice)

The 2019 winner of the ‘Best Drink Vape’, Pink Lemonade, is rightly recognized as one of the best vape juices around today. This Risky E-Juice concoction matches up expertly to the classic pink lemonade drink. It delivers an ideal balance of citrus and ripe strawberries, which explains why this e-juice is loved by the ZampleBox community.

H-Tears (Mighty Vapors)

We couldn’t finish the list without mentioning the e-juice that our community voted as the overall best for 2020. Other e-liquids can only aspire to achieve the heights reached by Mighty Vapors’ H-Tears. A realistic hard candy taste serves as the foundation for this e-juice, allowing the sweet, fruity explosion of apple, watermelon, and berries to really shine. To raise it even a notch higher, the PG VG ratio is at 30/70. This stops any flavors from overpowering the palate, while at the same time creating a smooth feeling when inhaling.

Did your favorite vape juice make the list? If not, let us know which you think deserves to be ranked alongside the best realistic vape juice flavors!



Jun 22nd 2022


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